Judy Prada, SD 3, Endorses Dianne Edmondson

Judy Prada Image
Judy Prada

It is my pleasure to endorse Dianne Edmondson for SD 12 SREC Committeewoman. Dianne will be a great asset to the SREC since she brings years of experience as a Republican County Chairman. During my tenure as SD3 SREC Committeewoman, I have worked with Dianne on committees and respect her greatly.

Judy Prada SD 3


Tim McCormick, County Chairman – Smith County Republican Party Committeeman, Senate District 1, Endorses Dianne Edmondson

Tim McCormick image
Tim McCormick

Dianne Edmondson has proven she will work hard to help all Republicans have a voice, all the while remaining steadfast in her support of the platform. Dianne has the wisdom and insight to help guide the state party so that the Republican Party of Texas will stick to the business of the party and navigate the often turbulent waters that come with being one of the largest Republican parties in the nation. I wholeheartedly urge you to vote for Dianne.

Tim McCormick, County Chairman – Smith County Republican Party
Committeeman, Senate District 1 (former Denton County GOP activist)

Beryl Dowd, TFRW Deputy President, Region V and TCRP Volunteer Chairperson, Endorses Dianne Edmondson

Beryl Dowd (center in photo)
Beryl Dowd (center in photo)

I want to go on record as endorsing Dianne Edmondson for the State Republican Executive Committee. I have worked with Dianne for the last few years to establish TFRW clubs in Senate District 12. As a result we have gone from zero Republican Women clubs to four. This had been accomplished by Dianne’s knowledge of the active Republicans in SD12 and her active support and work in organizing these clubs.

As a Republican activist, I am aware of the respect Dianne has earned for the Denton County Republican Party during the 14 years she has served as Denton County Republican Chairperson. Her hard work and organizational skills are well known throughout the state. With proud enthusiasm, I support Dianne Edmondson as SD12’s next member of SREC.

Beryl Dowd (center in photo)– TFRW Deputy President, Region V and TCRP Volunteer Chairperson

Camille Johnson, Denton GOP Activist, Endorses Dianne Edmondson

Camille Johnson
Camille Johnson

I endorse Dianne Edmondson for the Republican Executive Committee ( SREC) Senatorial District 12 (SD 12) Committee Woman. She is very qualified with her leadership with the Denton County Republican Party as Chair for 14 years and has many accomplishments and service to the Party.
We have stayed Red in Denton County under Dianne; she knows how to raise money for our Party; Dianne knows how to work well with the precinct chairs, county chairs and other SREC committee men and women. She has been working with the SREC for several years as the Liaison from the Texas Republican County Chair Association to the SREC and has forged valuable relationships within the SREC. I have worked with Dianne since 2008 and her leadership is what we need on the SREC.

Camille Johnson, Denton County GOP Hospitality Chair, Denton County Precinct Chair, Carrollton Conservative Republican Party – Founder and Past President, Carrollton Tea Party President, Tea Party Patriots Texas State Co-Coordinator for North Texas

Tim Hoy, Prct. Chair and Former SREC, Endorses Dianne Edmondson

So nice of long-time DCRP activist Tim Hoy to endorse me, both as a current Precinct Chair and as a former SREC member. Dianne Edmondson

Tim Hoy
Tim Hoy

“Having served on the SREC from 2002 until 2010, I know that Dianne was one of the most highly regarded County Chairs in the state and can be an effective SREC member from day one. Having been active in training county chairs, she will be up to speed on statewide issues immediately and will be an effective voice on county, grassroots and election issues in the next session of the legislature.”

Tim Hoy Prct. Chair and Former SREC for Denton County

Jim Sutton, Tarrant County GOP Activist, Endorses Dianne Edmondson

Please see the wonderful endorsement below from a Tarrant County activist who is in a neighboring SD but has worked with me in the past. I am sure that most of you know and love JIM SUTTON. Dianne Edmondson

Jim SuttonThe news that Dianne Edmondson will be running for SREC in SD12 at the 2016 Republican State Convention was good to hear. Although I live in Tarrant County and have two great SREC members from our district (Steve Atwell and Shelly Pritchard), I have had the opportunity to work with Dianne at several State Republican state conventions, and to hear about her work in Denton County as the elected Republican County Chair from a variety of people. I have seen that Dianne knows how to work with diverse people to accomplish common goals and objectives, and build trust and support which is important for SREC members. In addition, she has an understanding of the importance of finances to the Party’s effectiveness as evidenced by her work in Denton County and her support of Tom Mechler for the State Party Chair at the upcoming 2016 Republican State Convention. This is the time for Dianne to transition from a county level focus as the County Chair, where her record of relationship building speaks well of her, to a position where her skills of building relationships and reinforcing conservative values will be crucial for the various issues that will come before the Texas Republican State Party during the coming years.

Jim Sutton TCGOP Activist, precinct chair, Tarrant County Candidates and Campaigns Committee Chair.

Whitney Brubaker, GOP Millennial Activist, Endorses Dianne Edmondson

People like Whitney are the future of our Party, and I am so proud to be her mentor and have her endorsement! Dianne Edmondson

Whitney Brubaker 175x175px“As a young, conservative, active millennial, I am proud to endorse my friend and mentor, Dianne Edmondson, for SD 12 SREC. I first met Dianne at the Denton County volunteer dinner in 2011; there, she encouraged me to not only get involved with my local Republican women’s club, but also at the state and national levels through TFRW and NFRW. At a local level, she has helped guide me through all the ins and outs of working, managing and growing our club. RWGNT, formerly FARW, is now setting record numbers of growth and involvement. Over 10% of our membership is young millennial women like myself!! Dianne and her positive and persistent personality is what pushed me to get involved. In turn, we have engaged and grown our millennial memberships and involvement at breathtaking rates! If it weren’t for Dianne, we wouldn’t have this segment, and the future leadership of the Republican Party, exploding in growth and involvement. Dianne has many years of leadership experience to bring together conservatives from across SD 12 and will represent our interests on the State Republican Executive Committee. Dianne will continue and grow the legacy left for her by my dear friend, Jean McIver, who has termed out from the position and who has also endorsed Dianne. Dianne Edmonson is the “Right” choice for SD 12 State Republican Executive Committee and I ask my fellow SD 12 delegates to join me in voting for Dianne at the State Convention in Dallas.”

Whitney Brubaker – GOP Millennial Activist, National Federation of Republican Women Texas Digital Captain, Republican Women of Greater North Texas Website Chair