Dianne Edmondson, SREC SD 12 Candidate, Engages State Convention Delegates at the Denton County Republican Assembly Forum

Local residents, elected officials and candidates running for positions in the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) gathered at the Lake Dallas City Hall yesterday evening to meet one another and engage the audience in the candidate forum hosted by the Denton County Republican Assembly.

DCRA imageThe State Convention delegates and alternates will vote to elect or to retain Republican leaders in the races for the RPT Chair, Vice Chair and State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) Senatorial District 12 (SD 12) Committee Woman.

Dianne Edmondson was the first candidate to address the audience, with a message of strength in conservatism. Edmondson pointed out that both she and the other candidate for the SREC SD 12 Committee Woman position are conservative values candidates and it is clear that a conservative Republican will be elected to fill the position currently held by Jean McIver, who is retiring from the term-limited position, having reached her tenure.

Jean McIver, who has served for 8 years, supports and endorses Dianne Edmondson as her replacement because she has personal knowledge of the 14 years of success and achievement Edmondson attains, as a high energy and unity driver in the local party, proudly serving as the Denton County Republican (DCRP) Chair since 2002. During her tenure, Dianne is proud of her accomplishments and service to the Party as follows:

  • Defeated the lone elected Democrat elected official from Denton County;
  • Kept her promise that there would be no new elected Democrats in Denton County;
  • Started the unity pledge and pushes it today, to unite the Party, no matter what;
  • Built the party membership by recruiting new Precinct Chairs and new Republican activists;
  • Raised impressive amounts of money and is retiring with significant assets in the Party account.

Dianne announced her plan to retire as DCRP Chair in late 2015, when she declared candidacy for the SREC SD 12 position, upon Jean McIver’s retirement. Dianne is well-prepared to represent Denton County’s SD 12 since she has been working with the SREC for several years as the Liaison from the Texas Republican County Chair Association to the SREC and has forged valuable relationships within the SREC. She pledges to work closely with precinct chairs, county chairs and other SREC committee men and women to exceed our expectations in the following critical SREC operations:

  • Overseeing the Budget;
  • Growing the Party;
  • Setting Party Rules as needed between Conventions;
  • Achieving Legislative Priorities as determined in the RPT delegate-approved Platform.

As delegates and alternates to the State Convention this May 12 -14, you all have important decisions to make and crucial votes to cast. You all are high intelligence voters and are educated and informed about the important role the SREC committee members play in the RPT. The SREC SD 12 Committee Woman position will be decided by secret ballot on Friday morning, May 13, at 8:00 a.m.  

Voting for Dianne Edmondson is the right choice, when you want a high energy soldier for SD 12, whose accomplishments are a direct result of hard work and unifying efforts to bring everyone in the DRCP together, thus keeping our Senatorial District and our Great State of Texas Right and Red.

If you wish to contact Dianne directly, please email her at Dianne@GOPgal.com or call her cell phone: 940-391-6699.




For Immediate Release                             Contact Dianne Edmondson  940-391-6699


Dianne Edmondson, the longest serving Republican County Chairman in Denton County history, has announced that she will not be running for re-election here in Denton County but rather will be seeking to represent Senate District 12 on the State Republican Executive Committee.

“Since our SD 12 SREC Committee Woman Jean McIver, is term limited and will leave office at the June, 2016 State convention, I will be seeking to replace her as our SREC Committee Woman. I have been serving as the Texas Republican County Chair Association’s liaison to the SREC for two years and have fostered many relationships on that body which will make it easier for me to be productive immediately should I be elected at the State Convention,” Edmondson explains.

“It has been my honor to serve the Republicans in Denton County,” Edmondson says, “and I have enjoyed helping to train dozens of county chairs in other Texas counties.” Additionally, Edmondson has overseen a dozen Lincoln-Reagan Dinners, which are the major fundraisers for the DCRP, and are widely recognized as among the best such events in the state. Those successful fundraisers have put the DCRP into a strong financial position, she says.

Another by-product of her leadership is reflected in the political makeup of Denton County’s various elected public officials: since Edmondson became Chairman, not a single Democrat has been elected to a partisan office in the county. “And we need to continue our role of maximizing the total Republican vote in Texas to help re-take the White House next November,” she states.

Edmondson admits that she will miss interfacing with county Republicans as the county chair, but she plans to remain involved hopefully through the SREC as well as local party activities. “Being Chairman of the Republican Party in one of the state’s ‘reddest’ counties has been a real honor and certainly the highlight of my political career,” she says, “and I will continue to help elect conservative Republicans who will work for our traditional Republican values.”.