Camille Johnson, Denton GOP Activist, Endorses Dianne Edmondson

Camille Johnson
Camille Johnson

I endorse Dianne Edmondson for the Republican Executive Committee ( SREC) Senatorial District 12 (SD 12) Committee Woman. She is very qualified with her leadership with the Denton County Republican Party as Chair for 14 years and has many accomplishments and service to the Party.
We have stayed Red in Denton County under Dianne; she knows how to raise money for our Party; Dianne knows how to work well with the precinct chairs, county chairs and other SREC committee men and women. She has been working with the SREC for several years as the Liaison from the Texas Republican County Chair Association to the SREC and has forged valuable relationships within the SREC. I have worked with Dianne since 2008 and her leadership is what we need on the SREC.

Camille Johnson, Denton County GOP Hospitality Chair, Denton County Precinct Chair, Carrollton Conservative Republican Party – Founder and Past President, Carrollton Tea Party President, Tea Party Patriots Texas State Co-Coordinator for North Texas


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