Whitney Brubaker, GOP Millennial Activist, Endorses Dianne Edmondson

People like Whitney are the future of our Party, and I am so proud to be her mentor and have her endorsement! Dianne Edmondson

Whitney Brubaker 175x175px“As a young, conservative, active millennial, I am proud to endorse my friend and mentor, Dianne Edmondson, for SD 12 SREC. I first met Dianne at the Denton County volunteer dinner in 2011; there, she encouraged me to not only get involved with my local Republican women’s club, but also at the state and national levels through TFRW and NFRW. At a local level, she has helped guide me through all the ins and outs of working, managing and growing our club. RWGNT, formerly FARW, is now setting record numbers of growth and involvement. Over 10% of our membership is young millennial women like myself!! Dianne and her positive and persistent personality is what pushed me to get involved. In turn, we have engaged and grown our millennial memberships and involvement at breathtaking rates! If it weren’t for Dianne, we wouldn’t have this segment, and the future leadership of the Republican Party, exploding in growth and involvement. Dianne has many years of leadership experience to bring together conservatives from across SD 12 and will represent our interests on the State Republican Executive Committee. Dianne will continue and grow the legacy left for her by my dear friend, Jean McIver, who has termed out from the position and who has also endorsed Dianne. Dianne Edmonson is the “Right” choice for SD 12 State Republican Executive Committee and I ask my fellow SD 12 delegates to join me in voting for Dianne at the State Convention in Dallas.”

Whitney Brubaker – GOP Millennial Activist, National Federation of Republican Women Texas Digital Captain, Republican Women of Greater North Texas Website Chair


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