Jim Sutton, Tarrant County GOP Activist, Endorses Dianne Edmondson

Please see the wonderful endorsement below from a Tarrant County activist who is in a neighboring SD but has worked with me in the past. I am sure that most of you know and love JIM SUTTON. Dianne Edmondson

Jim SuttonThe news that Dianne Edmondson will be running for SREC in SD12 at the 2016 Republican State Convention was good to hear. Although I live in Tarrant County and have two great SREC members from our district (Steve Atwell and Shelly Pritchard), I have had the opportunity to work with Dianne at several State Republican state conventions, and to hear about her work in Denton County as the elected Republican County Chair from a variety of people. I have seen that Dianne knows how to work with diverse people to accomplish common goals and objectives, and build trust and support which is important for SREC members. In addition, she has an understanding of the importance of finances to the Party’s effectiveness as evidenced by her work in Denton County and her support of Tom Mechler for the State Party Chair at the upcoming 2016 Republican State Convention. This is the time for Dianne to transition from a county level focus as the County Chair, where her record of relationship building speaks well of her, to a position where her skills of building relationships and reinforcing conservative values will be crucial for the various issues that will come before the Texas Republican State Party during the coming years.

Jim Sutton TCGOP Activist, precinct chair, Tarrant County Candidates and Campaigns Committee Chair.


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