Steve Munisteri, Richard Hayes, Former Chairmen, Endorse Dianne Edmondson

It is such an honor to have the endorsement of these two “giants” in the Republican Party here in Texas! And what a pleasure it was to work with each of them to build our Party. Dianne Edmondson

Richard Hayes and Steve Munistiri“Dianne Edmonson came to the aid of the RPT at its hour of need. When the state party was insolvent, she organized critically needed fundraisers that provided an immediate infusion of cash. This helped buy the RPT the time it needed to reorganize its finances. I will always be grateful to her for doing so. She also was a terrific county chair and I whole heartedly endorse her “
Steve Munisteri (left), former RPT Chairman

“Dianne is one of the builders of the conservative movement. From pro-life legislation, to fighting to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, to forming Republican clubs, to serving as Chairman of the Denton County Republican Party for 14 years or training County Chairs across the state, she has been one of the go-to leaders for longer than most people have thought about serving. She works at it full time and for no pay. She took leadership roles when Republicans were a clear minority in Texas and has been integral in leading the conservative movement. Under her leadership, Denton County finally became one of the counties where every elected official is Republican. No one has more understanding, contacts and the skill set to serve S.D. 12 than Dianne. I am proud to call he a friend and wholeheartedly encourage all delegates to support her for the S.R.E.C. She will be the best.”

Richard Hayes, (right) former DCRP Chair, RPT convention Parliamentarian, DCRP Pct. Chair and Parliamentarian


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