Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum President, Endorses Dianne Edmondson

Phyllis Schlafly
Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly: “I can think of no better person for the State Republican Executive Committee.(than Dianne Edmondson.”)


As a two-time national Eagle Award winner and former Executive Director of the Republican National Coalition for Life, Dianne Edmondson has been endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, founder and National President of Eagle Forum.

“Dianne Edmondson was a superb pro-life national chairman. She is also a strong Constitutional conservative and an advocate for traditional marriage, religious liberty, and our second amendment rights,” Mrs. Schlafly said in endorsing Dianne last month.

“She is an excellent grassroots leader and I can think of no better person for the Texas State Republican Executive Committee. Texas will be fortunate to have Dianne in a leadership position in the Republican Party.”

Dianne has worked with Phyllis virtually since the founding of Eagle Forum, in Minnesota, Oklahoma and Texas. As Eagle Forum’s head of their pro-life arm, The Republican National Coalition for Life, she identified pro-life national delegates and coordinated their efforts to be sure that the National Republican Platform remained solidly pro-life. She also organized an outstanding Pro-Life event at that convention where such pro-life stalwarts as Gov. Rick Perry and Cong. Louie Gohmert were honored for their strong stands for the sanctity of human life.

“Phyllis Schlafly and I have worked together for so many years,” says Dianne, “and it was an incredible honor to receive her endorsement late last month. I believe she knows my strengths and am humbled that she thinks that I am the best person for the SREC in SD 12.”

Endorsement letter dated March 31, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly endorsement letter


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