Endorsements of Dianne Edmondson

Click on the names below to read the individual endorsements.

If you would like to offer your endorsement for Dianne Edmondson, please contact her by email at Dianne@GOPgal.com or call her at (940) 391-6699.

Jean McIver, Retiring SREC SD12 Committee Woman

Pastor Stephen E. Broden, SREC SD23 Committee Man

Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum President

Paul Kramer, DCRP Area Leader, Pct. Chair

Dale Kimble, 2008 National Delegate

Steve Munisteri, former RPT Chairman

Richard Hayes, former DCRP Chair, RPT convention Parliamentarian, DCRP Pct. Chair and Parliamentarian

Whitney Brubaker, GOP Millennial Activist, National Federation of Republican Women Texas Digital Captain, Republican Women of Greater North Texas Website Chair

Jim Sutton, TCGOP Activist, Precinct Chair, Tarrant County Candidates and Campaigns Committee Chair

Tim Hoy, Precinct Chair and Former SREC for Denton County

Beryl Dowd, TFRW Deputy President, Region V and TCRP Volunteer Chairperson

Carl Tepper, President, Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association & Lubbock County Chair

Tim McCormick, County Chairman – Smith County Republican Party
Committeeman, Senate District 1 (former Denton County GOP activist)

Judy Prada  SD 3


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