“The Right Choice for Proven Leadership and Experience in Party Building”

Dianne Edmondson has been a political “junkie” since helping in her first political campaign at age 14 for her uncle, former Texas State Senator and Supreme Court Justice, Oscar Mauzy. Since that time, however, she’s switched parties because, as she says, “The Democrat Party left me with its leftward drift some thirty years ago.”  Motivated primarily by conservative issues, Dianne found a home in the GOP and has been an active Republican ever since, having served as precinct chairman, various Republican club offices and an officer in the local party which she has headed as Denton County Republican Party Chair since 2002, making her Denton County’s longest serving GOP Chair. On her watch, the last Democrat in partisan office was defeated and Denton County and none have been elected since.

She serves on the Executive Board of the Texas Republican County Chair Association as the TRCCA’s liaison to the State Republican Executive Committee and often is called upon to help train other county chairs. Dianne has been a National GOP Delegate and Alternate and has chaired two committees at the Republican state convention, and served as a member of several other state convention committees.

She’s spoken across the country on pro-family issues and has helped to organize pro-family activists nationally as well, starting groups in Minnesota, Oklahoma and Texas. Pursuing her passion for saving the preborn from abortion, Dianne served as executive director of the Republican National Coalition for Life until she retired from that position recently.

Dianne has helped start many Republican clubs in Denton county, including Texas Strong Republican Women and was honored some years ago at the TFRW luncheon at state convention. She also managed several campaigns for Republican candidates in Denton County prior to becoming County Chair.

Career-wise, Dianne began writing for the Oklahoma City Times while attending high school and has also worked as a reporter or editor for several other newspapers. She also founded and ran a successful IT recruiting firm for a number of years before retiring to become a full time Republican volunteer and Denton County Party Chair.

Married to Bob for nearly 50 years, Dianne has three grown children (one now deceased) and seven grandchildren. She hopes that her efforts to promote conservative values will help keep our state and nation the best place in the world in which her grandchildren will raise their own children.

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